Analysis NYC Reservoir

This is a report that just became available.

Good news!

Below is a link to the long awaited Official NJ White Paper for your review  
posted on NJ DEP website. Please download for safe keeping  it was  
already yanked once.   I had to file an OPRA to get it posted back on the  
Website.  NJ DEP may get cold feet again, so please download it - and  
please send it out to your individual memberships!

Is the bottom line that NYC could claim emergency...water supply in danger and keep the reservoirs full so that they can take more from the Delaware systems that is allowed?
Yes - not in so many words, but yes- that IS what they are planning to do with their new OST Tool:

1.  They claim they have the "right" to 800 million gallons a day withdrawal or diversion from the Delaware Tributaries- as they twist the meaning of the Supreme Court Decree to support this falsehood;
2.  NYC DEP now fully admits their "need" - NYC can't pass the EPA tests without manipulation of their 3 reservoir systems with over reliance on the Delaware System;
3.  They need to fill and keep filled to any extent possible, the Delaware River Reservoirs;
3.  This method of operation keeps us at perennial risk of flooding;
4.  When the dry hot summer days are upon us, they will suck down the level of the reservoirs and trigger drought like conditions for the rest of us so that those communities that use water from the Delaware for their water supply will have artificial drought restricted uses imposed on us.
5.  We will have the worst of both possible worlds - perennial risk of flood and continued risk of (NYC capacity drawn down) drought.

Riverwatcher has a saved version iof the .pdf f it is ever deleted from the webpage

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