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It is time to unite the silent majority of the worlds population in defense of the clean water of the world..
Massive and vocal Grassroots support is the only way that these destructive behaviors will ever be classified as Illegal...

The ancient Irish Behon law system that was in place for thousands of years (until about the 17th century)...  The laws were enforced basically by public opininion...

"The greatest of all power was, especially in Ireland, the moral power of public opinion. Everybody considered it his bouden business to see that the pronouncement of their venerated Brehons (law-givers - from memory and tradition ...not from paper laws..) were observed to the letter, and the verdict summarily executed."   Seamus MacManus, pg137 "The Story of the Irish Race" ISBN 0-517-064081

The Brehon laws were refined over time and they were universally accepted as True and Just...  They were extremely detailed.

Saint Patrick was so impressed with them that he personally had several large books created so that they would be saved for the future generations...  These books (and many others) are still in existence and they put the modern legal system to shame..This all happened between in the years between  430 and 460 AD...but the Brehon laws dates back at least 1000 years BC...

The rich and the powerful were considered to be more accountable for their behavior since they were in a position of responsibility.
You should take a look when you get a chance, at this because it is very solid and it provides something that our present (Broken) legal system could be meaured by..
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