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Tell Congress to Reject Efforts to Undermine the Clean Air Act.

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Activists' Guide to Fight Water Privatization

This is an introductory guide to being a water privatization organizer in your community.  We hope you find this guide to be a useful learning tool as well as a helpful resource for information on the water industry.  To make this guide easy to navigate, we have divided it into sections. Please keep in mind that Public Citizen's Water For All team is always available to help you build your own campaign.  Please emailus or call us at 202-588-1000 and ask to speak with someone on the Water For All campaign.

This is the how-to section of the water activist guide.  Public Citizen's Water for All Campaign is always available to assist you in starting your own campaign in your home town.  We can help you with media strategy, contacting the right government officials at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as suggesting creative ways to draw attention to your struggle.  We can also provide research, background information, and reports - ALL FOR FREE - to build your case against a particular water company or privatization bid.  

Full comprehensive guide: Citizen's Guide to Water Privatization (pdf) PDF

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