Corporate Assaults

This webspace is dedicated to documented instances in which the Water supply, the Soil and/or the Air were Intentionally Contaminated and it was legally permitted.
These areas are now dangerous (or deadly) for Plants, Animals or People to live in.

The Water of course always flows downhill to the sea,  and so the area of contamination is always much larger than the "legally designated" zone..

I have many memories of conversations that I have had with people in the past on this sort of topic....

I have read newspaper stories and watched the network news for years.

Like most average people, I have never really reacted in any meaningful way to the news that I have heard.

I am spending my personal time updating this website now because I truly feel that it is wrong to just read and acknowledge these "incidents" and say to myself "that is bad" or "that was wrong" and then not do anything about it.   

People either feel that this behavior is wrong or they do not feel that it is wrong.   How do you feel?

If you feel that it is wrong, then create a website, collect information, educate your zone of influence with what you have learned and then link to a bigger group that can lobby for changes in the laws and have this behavior stopped..  

If you don't feel that widespread contamination of the the Earth, Water and Air  is wrong, then I think that there really must be something mentally wrong with you... (That is just my opinion, of course.  Each of us is allowed to judge our own behavior..).

That is Democracy.  If enough people care about an issue and invest their time and money and influence to make something happen (for example, creating a legally protected Water Table and its supporting ecosystem), Then it will happen....  If enough people do not care, then we will all deal with the results of it not happening....

This Web space will document what exactly happens when enough people either do not care enough to prevent Industrial Contamination (or were rendered powerless to do anything about it by legal / political technicalities).  The answer to either of these problems is to get more people educated and actively involved. 

No one really knows where those original inhabitants and their families  eventually went.....But most of them  do not live in the effected communities anymore.

The people that did remain are living a quality of life that is not what it could have been (or should be).

It is good to look at the examples documented in the recent past. It proves that the paper money that was created by these industries does not stay in the "neighborhood".  The money is always gone...the destruction of the the Forest, the Farmland, the Animals, Fish and the Human communities are permanent.  The toxic dumps and the contamination remain.

What is clean land, clean water and a healthy lifestyle worth..  That is a question for you...

Can we as a culture continue to make a mess and then move on to the next clean area....  We have been doing that for some time....It is not sustainable...

The question is: when is this culture going to Mature and start acting responsible?  Children act selfish  until they are taught that it is not the best way to live...

When will this culture act in a more mature and sustainable way?   The answer is:     When the people decide that it needs to .

If you care for the Earth or the place where you live, then you should feel a responsibility in your heart to protect it in what ever way you can.  It may be a small effort or it may be more...  My advice it to do something positive (locally first) but them somehow leverage your energy into some sort of channel that can be leveraged by the larger movement.  Sign a petition, go to a rally, vote for  an ordinance, influence a neighbor....whatever...  First, Define what you believe and then stand behind it in what ever way possible...  If you get tired after a while, hopefully, you will have influenced others so your efforts were not lost.... 

That may be the best we (as individuals ) can do...

This is the link to the Community Legal Defense Fund   

(I attended a community meeting in Quakertown, Pa. in which Shireen Parsons spoke ( She presented  some of the reasons how and why we find ourselves in the contaminated state that we currently are in.  She also presented a logical, legal and Democratic plan to stop (or at least contain) this ever spreading industrial madness.)

I did some work in Palmerton 5+ years ago.  The local people that I was working with at the time are the ones that brought this disaster to my attention (while we were just having smalltalk).  That is why I remember it 5+ years later...

Palmerton  PA,  Zinc contamination:      Federal Superfund site.  I posted this on November 12, 2010

  For nearly 70 years, the New Jersey Zinc Company deposited 33 million tons of slag at the site, creating a cinder bank that extends for 2 ½ miles and measures over 100 feet high and 500 to 1,000 feet wide.”

This permanent dumping of toxic sludge in a big pile for someone else to clean up is a fact.   The pile is there, and you can go and take a look at it.  

Do you have an opinion on this practice?  Many people will say that this was done years ago, but the fact is that is is still being done today (and this site will start to document exactly where it is being done today (Natural Gas Frack sites are just 1 example)...)  The point is not whether this is this being done or not (and where). The point is that it is generally considered to be acceptable behavior, and that is why it is legal.

This intentional pollution of the Air and soiil was considered Legal and Permitted at the time.

“The smelting operations emitted huge quantities of heavy metals throughout the valley”

Site Description

The Palmerton Zinc Pile Site is the area of a former primary zinc smelting operation. The site encompasses the Bourough of Palmerton and surrounding areas, Blue Mountain, a large smelting residue pile called the Cinder Bank and much of the valley. For nearly 70 years, the New Jersey Zinc Company deposited 33 million tons of slag at the site, creating a cinder bank that extends for 2 ½ miles and measures over 100 feet high and 500 to 1,000 feet wide. The smelting operations emitted huge quantities of heavy metals throughout the valley. As a result, approximately 2,000 acres on Blue Mountain, which is adjacent to the former smelters, have been defoliated, leaving a barren mountain side. Soil on the defoliated area of the mountain has contaminated the rain water flowing across it. The runoff and erosion have carried contaminants into Aquashicola Creek and the Lehigh River. Approximately 850 people live within one mile of the site; the population of the town of Palmerton is approximately 5,000. The Palmerton Water Company has four production wells at the foot of Blue Mountain that supply water to the towns of Palmerton and Aquashicola, these wells have not been effected by contaminants from the site to date.

There was (is)  some sort of under ground fire burning in the slag that had been burning for years...  (yes...many years..)  Apparently, It is not possible to put it out and it has a lot of fuel and so it just keeps burning... Please send me any links or documents that you have on this topic...I searched the web but there was minimal information that I could find...

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining.

There are hundreds of examples but I will post them as I see them.. (Or remember them).

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