DRBC 11/21/11 Cancelled!


This Good News applies only to the Delaware River Watershed area....The rest of the State of Pennsylvania will not be protected...The State House and Senate both passed bills on 11/17/11 that basically will allow the water table to be polluted. The gas will be minimally taxed but the cleanup costs will become the responsibility of the taxpayer (and paid for with a portion the tax)..If the water is permanently contaminated, it will not legally be the responsibility of the Oil and Gas industry as long as they can prove that they were adhering to the (inadequate) regulations...  The rest of the tax will go to the local communities so that they can repair bridges, roads and other items that are damaged by this industrial assault...  Question:  Why, in a capitalistic system, is an industry allowed to externalize major costs of their business model to the public sector?  The industry should always pay for the clean up of the environmental damage that it has created.  The Tax money should not be used to clean up the damage that is caused... The Industry should be forced (via adequate regulation) to avoid creating the damage. The Fracking process Intentionally contaminates the water that it uses.   The contamination of the Water cannot be avoided if it is contaminated intentionally and that it why Fracking should be Banned completely...

That being said....It is cause for celebration that the DRBC is now leaning toward protecting the Delaware Watershed...
The Delaware Riverkeeper deserves our financial support....  and the Delaware River deserves our personal attention and activism..
Please continue to do what ever is possible to protect the water supply and our EcoSystem from industrial contamination...


Rally with Us Nov. 21 in Trenton!



Delaware’s Gov. Markell and New York’s Gov. Cuomo have stepped off the train;
Now it’s time to punch the tickets of the other voting members of the DRBC!

We need to gather together to make this pause permanent! 
Please Join Us 
Trenton War Memorial
Monday November 21 2011
Rally and March 11:00 am- 3:00 pm

In a stunning victory for the public and for the Delaware River Watershed, the Delaware River Basin Commission cancelled the Nov. 21 meeting where they were planning to vote on opening the Delaware River Watershed to gas drilling and fracking.  Governor Markell of Delaware and Governor Cuomo of New York have both announced they will vote no.  We must redouble our efforts so that at least 3 voting members are committed to protecting our water supplies and communities by preventing the pollution that gas drilling and fracking causes.  The cancellation of this meeting is a huge victory but it is not the end of our struggle to keep drilling and fracking out of the Delaware River Watershed. Governor Chris Christie and President Obama (represented by the Army Corps of Engineers) - voting members of the DRBC - need to hear from us “Don’t Drill the Delaware!” So, please come to Trenton Monday!

Rally and Press Conference: 11:00 am outside Trenton War Memorial 
1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, New Jersey

Speakers: Josh Fox; Mark Ruffalo; Debra Winger; community, environmental, and constituency groups
March from War Memorial to Gov. Christie’s office at the State House and Welcome to Trenton (NJ Legislators): 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Post-gathering at Quaker Friends Meeting House (142 E. Hanover St.): 1:00 pm -- 3:00 pm
NONVIOLENCE TRAINING is still being held both in Trenton NJ and New York City on Sunday, November 20. To sign up: CLICK HERE

Logistics, buses, overnight accommodations are still available, to sign up CLICK HERE

There are actions you can take now to try to convince a majority of the voting members to vote “NO” for the gas rules, and “NO” to lifting the drilling moratorium (we just need 3 of the 5 votes and it is within the realm of possibility that this can be accomplished):

  1. Send a letter to the DRBC members to tell them to OPPOSE the adoption of any gas rules at this time and keep the drilling moratorium in place in the Delaware River Basin.  You can use the sample letter below or write your own in the space provided and we will send it to all four State Governors, the Army Corps of Engineers and President Obama. 
  2. Go to the Petition and sign it; share the petition site every way you can:  http://www.change.org/petitions/the-president-of-the-united-states-keep-drilling-and-fracking-out-of-the-delaware-basin

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Studies have shown that personalized letters to government officials are the most effective. Please consider taking an extra few minutes to: 
  • write and mail a hard copy of your own letter
  • or use the sample text below
  • or edit the sample text to make it more your own
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