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The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.
- Pennsylvania Constitution, Section 1, Article 27

Please review the letter that I recently sent to Senator McIlhinney. It is also posted at the beginning of the "Democratic Process" webspace.

The Delaware River has been classified as the most endangered River in America.

Citizens of NY letter by Mike McMacken   This is the Video from the Quakertown Community Meeting that was held on October 23rd, 2010

The Bucks County Herald has an electronic Archive.  See PG A11 of the September 30th edition for an Article about the Marcellus Shale ( by Val Sigstedt)

Update:  3Oct2010:  This Bill (#1155) passed the House without the pooling and with an amendment from (R) Kate Harper that will direct more of the proceeds to environmental organizations...The  document on the link is still valid information and so I will leave it posted for information purposes....  (See the "Democratic Process" webspace details).
Action Item for This Week!  Please open this link...  20Sept2010 Legislative Action needs support this week.

Sign up for Daily Drilling Updates from    “The Marcellus Shale Examiner” Register for weekly updates from the Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection.

EarthQuakes in Nockamixon Township are a documented risk.
August 26,2003  3.8 Magnitude 3 km below the surface This EarthQuake had the TV News crews in Milford NJ. 
July 28,2008  2.1 Magnitude 1 KM below the surface  Here are the details:
The raw data is available at
   Builds grassroots strength in key states and communities to change politics and environmental policy in states, local communities and Washington, DC.    Brady Russell ( has posted recent gas-drilling related News stories on this site.  Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center - Explains why a Severance tax on Natural Gas in Pennsylvania is rational and justified. Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Fund is sueing Governor Rendell to force him to protect the Water for the citizens of Pennsylvania

Letter from Rep Steve Santarsiero
to the Clean water Action  meeting held on 18Sept2010 - Strong Support from a member of our local Government.    This is a  grassroots site dealing with Marcellus in western PA:    leaked document from the State Department of Homeland Security regarding Citizen protest.
   “Lost River Caverns in Hellertown , Pa  This natural cave is120 feet below the parking lot…There is a natural Clean groundwater stream running through it.  1 hour tours If you want to actually see what the Earth can look like underground.  It is NOT a solid mass to drill into like a billiard Ball...  Privately owned....  Princeton Hydro is a local company that can test your well water before it is contaminated so that if it is contaminated, you have legally admissible documentation that proves that was clean at the time the samples were taken.  Jamie Shallenberger is the POC: ... Jamie can tell you exactly what to test your well water for. Email us at or call  908.237.5660.   The movie "Split Estate" describes how surface property can be destroyed by companies accessing the Gas/Mineral rights underneath them.    This is an organization that is resisting the destruction of its home
.  This clip describes what a Gas drilling platform / system  actually looks like and what it can do.  It describes the Fracturing process technically.
Since 2005 , Natural gas fracturing sites have been Exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act and Superfund laws..  No reasonable reason can be given for this exemption, yet it is a fact. is an international campaign that's building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis--the solutions that science and justice demand.      Examples of Environmental Contamination.(9/26/2010).       “America Finest Environmental Magazine”  This article is an alert the readers to become aware of the dangerous situation that is evolving as we speak.

The Shale Game Part 1: County vs. County

Kerry Grens and Susan Phillips – September 27, 2010
Susan Phillips and Kerry Grens take you to two counties in northeastern Pennsylvania that have reacted to gas drilling in drastically different ways.         Eyewitness interviews of the Gas Rush in Bradford County Pa.

The Shale Game Part 2: Water Coming Tuesday 9/28
The Shale Game Part 3: Jobs/Economy Coming Wednesday 9/29
The Shale Game Part 4: Social services Coming Thursday 9/30
The Shale Game Part 5: Regulatory issues Coming Friday 10/1

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