Halliburton Strikes Again… and Again… and Again

Posted on November 16, 2010 | Filed Under: Clean Water Protecting Rivers Most Endangered Rivers

Jessie Thomas-Blate
Coordinator, Most Endangered Rivers

Marcellus Shale well pad (photo by Jessie Thomas-Blate, American Rivers)

Halliburton -- a company famous for its ties to our previous Vice President, Dick Cheney, and now its infamous“Halliburton loophole” in the Safe Drinking Water Act.  I expect in the past couple of weeks you have heard Halliburton tied to the cement failure that may have caused the BP oil spill this past summer.  Guess what?  That same cement is used in wells to protect water supplies from natural gas contamination in the Marcellus Shale.  Does it get any better?  Of course!  Everyone seems to agree that, “cementing failures are not uncommon even in the best of circumstances.”  Well, obviously we should keep doing things the way we always have then.  OR we could hold the industry to a higher standard and demand that they do a better job protecting our water, our land, and our health.  I like that idea better.

Now, Halliburton is refusing to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) request to disclose the chemicals that they are using for drilling with hydraulic fracturing in shale formations around the country.  On September 9, EPA reached out to nine leading national and regional hydraulic fracturing service providers seeking information on the chemical composition of fluids used in the hydraulic fracturing process, data on the impacts of the chemicals on human health and the environment, standard operating procedures at their hydraulic fracturing sites, and the locations of sites where fracturing has been conducted.

You may have heard about the study that EPA is doing on hydraulic fracturing and this request of companies in one of my previous blogs.  Halliburton is the only company (out of nine who received this request) refusing to comply.  EPA has now subpoenaed them to get the information.  Click here for more information on the subpoena and mandatory request for information on Halliburton’s hydraulic fracturing operations.

These recent activities may indicate a tough road ahead when dealing with this company. 

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Submitted by no frackin Mc at: December 14, 2010

please no excuses.Horizontal hydrofrackin in the northeast United States should be baned.Our fresh water supply in New York and Pa.are more valuable then the gas.Citizens must stand up and fight against this dangerious environmental tragedy.

Submitted by red bs at: November 21, 2010

Though Halliburton may employ 10s of thousands, the company itself is the beneficiary of corporate welfare (tax breaks and regulatory loopholes bought and paid for by entities large enough to employ teams of lobbyists to influency policy). Please understand before YOU write: #1) how little "social" welfare programs cost our nation's economy (and maybe look into your heart about why these programs disturb you so much) and #2)the true costs of corporate welfare to US taxpayers. BTW: My family has no mutual funds for the reasons you site, and we heat our home with downed, aged wood gathered in surrounding forests.

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