Hutchinson Memo (DCNR)

Here is a copy of the memo:

Former HB 2015

 According to a message from Rep. Bud George, Scott Hutchinson is planning to convert DCNR into a cash-cow, forcing that agency to promote new drilling leases in order to fund its own existence.


Representative Scott Hutchinson will be the Majority Chair of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.  Last year, another  member of the ER&E committee, Rep. Dave Reed of Indiana, proposed putting up 390,000 more acres of state land for gas drilling. Rep. Reed is now Republican Policy Committee chairman.


Please read the attached memo.

We can expect nothing good to come of this. 


If you feel strongly about the future of DCNR, PA Wilds and our State Forests, please contact your legislators. 


                     One who speaks out is louder than 10,000 who are silent.


Yours in conservation,

R. Martin Coordinator


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