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November 12th, 2010

Here is a letter that was sent to Amanda Cregan on October 19th,2010 but it did not get a response. If you are registerd with you can view the archive from October 19, 2010

Hi Amanda,

Very Nice Article. 
It was good that you interviewed Tracy Carluccio..

I hope you don't mind but I feel the need to comment to you on a few things...  (and at the end of the email I would like to ask you a favor).

Why don't you do a followup story on how a Pro Drilling Paid for advertisement was placed literally in the middle of the article...
This is exactly the nonsense that highlights the extent of the problem.

Advertisementi Click here to find out more!

A related (and important) story is why does the public have to fight from ground zero to block this drilling in the Delaware Watershed?
Why is the Delaware River Watershed which is ALL READY supposed to be protected now apparently unprotected?

Why does the public have to prove that the Natural Gas drilling is unsafe, when there are existing examples of contamination and a probable EPA lawsuit in NE Pennsylvania all ready.
There are examples of reckless contamination in many other states as well...

Why is it that the Gas companies cannot contain themselves and drill in the rest of rural Pennsylvania and/or the rest of the world and not risk contaminating the Water supply for 15+ million people?

Another related story is that after all external costs and risks are calculated...Does widespread and reckless drilling for Domestic OIL and Gas actually make America more secure..
Why is there not security in conservation and Federal funding for clean fuels such as Solar, Mass Transit and the Rail network (so that reliance on interstate trucking is decreased).

Is America more secure because one of the major Food supplies of the country (The Gulf of Mexico)  has been contaminated by massive amounts of oil? (and no plausible cleanup plan even being discussed.)
Is America more safe every time a new Superfund site is created and isolated from the rest of the environment until it can possibly be cleaned up sometime in the distant future?
IF, the water supply of the Delaware River Watershed is contaminated....What EXACTLY will be done to correct it...The answer is nothing.  It is the same answer that the people in the Gulf of Mexico are hearing right now.

The whole concept of using natural Gas a "bridge fuel" to the future seems to be pure Marketing from the Gas and Oil companies themselves...

Why does it seem that drilling in the Delaware Watershed is a forgone conclusion and that all these regulatory details are just being written to appease the small portion of the masses that are aware of the problem...
Why is that not a story in itself?  
"Once DRBC regulations are enacted and permits can be issued, it's estimated that as many as 30,000 gas wells could line the Delaware River watershed.And about 300 gas leases have been signed in Nockamixon, where a Michigan company is fighting to begin exploratory drilling for natural gas."

I am just one of the concerned citizens that Tracy Carluccio spoke about.
I have written the following letter to Senator McIlhinney...I have not yet received a reply...

...  Please reply either way....Thankyou...   -

Point -    
"Life in the Marcal River has been extinguished,"  (in the 25 mile stretch of river that was contaminated).

Doublespeak Counterpoint - "The Hungarian Academy of Science said sludge samples taken two days ago showed that the muck's heavy metal concentrations do "not come close" to levels considered dangerous to the environment. But the academy said Thursday it still considered the sludge dangerous — apparently due to its caustic characteristics."

Corporate Statement - "MAL Rt., the Hungarian Aluminum Production and Trade Company, which owns the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant where the spill occurred, insists the sludge is not considered hazardous waste according to EU standards. It has also rejected criticism that it should have taken more precautions at the reservoir."

 Point- "He said emergency crews were pouring plaster and acetic acid — vinegar — into the Raba-Danube meeting point to lower the slurry's pH value."

Doublespeak Counterpoint - "Romanian Waters spokeswoman Ana Maria Tanase said the Danube water had a pH of 8.5, within normal levels, but tests were checking for heavy metals"   The PH of the original Sludge is 13 ...   (Which is almost 100,000 times greater than normal...) but sure....The official statement is that (after adding massive amounts of Vinegar and Plaster to the River) the PH is normal...... 

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