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The Shale Game Part 1: County vs. County  Posted September 27, 2010

Susan Phillips and Kerry Grens take you to two counties in northeastern Pennsylvania that have reacted to gas drilling in drastically different ways.         Eyewitness interviews of the Gas Rush in Bradford County Pa.

The Shale Game Part 2: Water  Posted September 28,2010

Kerry Grens searches for the answer to one of the most pressing questions: How will natural gas production affect Pennsylvania’s water?

The Shale Game Part 3: Jobs/Economy Posted Wednesday 9/29/2010

Pennsylvania's natural gas rush has environmentalists and residents worried about contaminated drinking water wells, increased truck traffic, exploding well heads and potentially toxic spills. But the counterpoint all along has been jobs, jobs, jobs

The Shale Game Part 4: Social services Posted Thursday 9/30/2010

Thousands of people have flooded rural areas to work for drilling companies -- but with more people comes greater need for public services, and an economic burden on some communities.

The Shale Game Part 5: Regulatory issues Posted Friday 10/1/2010

Who watches over industry? In today's final piece of our series on the Marcellus Shale, WHYY's Susan Phillips reports on how regulators are struggling with policing the gas rush. "The Shale Game: Inside the Shale"  video..      

This video is a high level technical overview of Horizontal drilling...Unfortunately, the end summary shows the American flag which is placed there simply as a a marketing Ploy to influence the viewer to have positive feelings about the technology that was just presented..  There is no hint of Risk analysis or mention of anything negative what so ever...In fact, the opposite is true.  At one point during the video, it is clearly stated that "At this point the process is identical to standard Horizontal drilling"  again this is a marketing ploy to link this Fracking technology to the much older and less dangerous / less controversial  standard Natural Gass vertical drilling technology....It is all Word-Smithing and it is highly effective.  Even the Audio quality has a tone (if you listen for it) and the music has the aura of "Spin" all over it...   If this was the only video that you had ever seen on fracking, you may not feel concerned....   I will say however, the photo of the Natural Gas rig grid pattern had truth to it...and the High level diagram of the Natural Gas pipeline network...  What is not emphasized it what this pipeline is replacing (natural forest and farmland) and destruction of Trillions of gallons of fresh water.  

There is a short clip that shows what the pad looks like.

There is an excellent Map that shows the locations, the status and the Operators of the NG wells in Pennsylvania....This is a great resource.  It shows the pattern of drilling and that is useful.

It is clear that containment is the only workable strategy at this time...  The  source is the PA DEP....  I will see if I can get  a version of this map to post here..       A documentary that is very light handed towards the Gas Industry.   All the problems seem to be minimized as much as possible.
They mention some of the dangers but they are counterbalanced by Gas industry propaganda..  No real risk analysis is discussed.   Everything is made to seem very reasonable..
Overall I found this documentary very annoying and misleading... and at times disgusting...        This is a 7 minute clip that has the alternate opinion that is not quite so pleasant. 

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