Safety Violations

This indicates a pattern of reckless and irresponsible behavior. 
The facts indicate that a statistical Lack of Adherence to the law is the norm and not the exception.

This is just the surface trucking portion of the Fracking disaster..  This is what is easily measured in a 2 day period by in independent and impartial organization. (The Pennsylvania State Police.). 

"Citations were issued for 1,066 of the more than 1,400 trucks inspected by the state police and Department of Environmental Protection across the state Oct. 25-27."

Transportation Related Accicents:   Local Fracking fluid accident on 10-21-2010

Drilling Fact of the Day

Another day, another drilling accident. On Friday in Hughesville, Lycoming County, near Williamsport, police had to close Route 220 from Main Street to Lime Bluff Road for most of the day when a truck leaked an undetermined amount of non-corrosive frack fluid from about a dozen 100-gallon drums loaded on the trailer it was pulling. The truck was going from Williamsport to Dimock.

The Williamsport Sun-Gazette quoted Police Chief Jason Gill, "It's not hazardous at all until it mixes with water, then it becomes as slippery as ice,’ Gill explained, adding that the clean-up crews want to get the substance off the road as soon as possible. ‘It will probably be daylight before they (the crews) are out of the borough,’ Gill said late Friday night in a telephone interview....”

On the heels of this accident comes a preliminary study by Academy of Natural Sciences researchers that suggests that even without spills or other accidents, drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania's rich Marcellus Shale formation could degrade nearby streams. The scientists compared streams with little or no fracking nearby to those with a high density of fracking and found that there were significant changes to the streams with lots of nearby drilling.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Water conductivity, an indicator of contamination by salts that are a component of drilling wastewater, was almost twice as high in streams with high-density drilling.

“Populations of salamanders and aquatic insects, animals sensitive to pollution, were 25 percent lower in streams with the most drilling activity.”

Yet the drillers and their supporters keep advancing preposterously low taxing schemes that will ensure Pennsylvanians are left behind with their degraded water, with nothing to show for it.

It’s clear that the drillers must pay their fair share, and the Pennsylvania Senate can make them do it.

Don’t let the drillers avoid paying their fair share through a substantial severance tax. Tell your Senator how you feel today.

Drilling Fact of the Day    October 8, 2010

It’s déjà vu all over again.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Pennsylvania State Police announced yesterday that more than 41 percent of roadside inspections this year on trucks involved in the drilling industry had significant safety violations, including bad breaks, overweight loads, leaking tankers, and unsecured equipment. This is far and above the trucking industry average of 23 percent.

This announcement came as the state police completed more than 1100 inspections over three days, which resulted in another 208 trucks and 64 drivers taken off the road immediately, and 959 safety citations in all. The state police called the campaign “Operation FracNET.”

This isn’t the first time for the drillers and the truckers they hire. In a few days in June, Operation FracNET resulted in 669 citations, with 250 trucks and 45 drivers out of service.

Some drillers appear to be cutting corners on public safety and environmental protection to have a healthier bottom line.

But they sure aren’t cutting corners trying to stop a severance tax from being passed. They are spending boatloads of cash to try to convince the Pennsylvania Senate to see things their way by passing a puny or non-existent tax.

Don’t let the drillers avoid the rules and make them pay their fair share, through a substantial severance tax. Tell your Senator how you feel today.

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