Water for Health


This is a link to a site that outlines just some of the facts about Water and how it is ESSENTIAL to all life on this planet.

Many of our chronic diseases and short term illnesses can be traced back to a lack of clean water in our bodies.  Life requires Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Food. (In that order). 
    It is good to appreciate and truly value the things that we all have.  

A lot of the problems that we face individually (and as a Culture) stem from a lack of appreciation and a lack of respect for the valuable things all around us (that are generally taken for granted).

If we can correct that, we will be then be heading in the right direction.

Drink a glass of clean water and it will help you become a more healthy person.

Pour a nice large glass of Water in a nice clean and clear glass and sit back and think about the basics of what you really require to be Happy and Healthy and you may find that it is just a few things (and having the proper attitude).

Clean water is one of the physical things that is on the short list. Once you realize this, you should act with your Mind, your labor and your Money to help protect it.

You can make a change in yourself anytime that you decide to.
When enough people change themselves for the better,  Many other things will change too.

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