Why Act Now?

Here are some reasons:

On May 4, 2010, the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) sent a letter to senior administrators and legislators in Washington, noting the urgency of addressing global climate disruption, and calling for better use of science in developing policies as the nation moves forward.  This letter is from the credible scientific community and it should be public knowledge.

The CSSP cautioned that some energy systems promoted to help with global climate change have not received adequate scientific scrutiny, and may aggravate global warming and pollute the environment to a greater extent that commonly appreciated. The CSSP letter specifically mentioned the nation's biofuel policy and the development of diffuse natural gas sources in shale formations such as the Marcellus Shale as examples where energy policy has moved ahead without an adequate base in objective science.

Here is the letter. and here is the link where it can accessed directly.    http://www.eeb.cornell.edu/howarth/Howarth_Energy%20and%20Environment.html  

Unfortunately,  Not Everyone Agrees that Protecting the Water Supply of the North East United States should be non-negotiable.
It seems that temporary jobs, some temporary tax revenue, and overall Short term economic profit for a small percentage of people/corporations are considered so important that evaluating the risk and consequences of the Natural Gas extraction is not even considered necessary.  Imagine a situation in which a scientific evaluation of the RISK is considered unnecessary.

Executing a plan without requiring a systematic and impartial evaluation of the risk and the possible consequences is reckless and Irresponsible behavior.

This is the stated policy by the Army Corp of Engineers to a formal request that was submitted by (D NY) Congressman Maurice Hinchey.  These are not communications between fringe organizations...  This is a sitting US Congressman asking a General in the Army Core of Engineers to be reasonable and wait for a study of the risks and the consequences before committing to basically a massive multistate construction project, and he is told that waiting for a risk assessment is not something that he (General Deluca) would be in favor of...

"Earlier this month Hinchey wrote to DeLuca, a voting member of the five-person commission, urging him to push the DRBC to wait for the completion of a cumulative impact study of hydraulic fracturing gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin prior to finalizing regulations governing the process or issuing permits for drilling activities. In a response, DeLuca indicated that he was not in favor of waiting for the results of such a study, citing a purported requirement that he support the economic needs of the region and our nation's need to secure energy reserves"

Here is the link to Congressman Hincheys webpage 


Here is the response the Congressman Hinchey sent. on September 30,2010

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