This is a Great film.  In fact, there are a lot of great films being produce recently.

Please watch the movie "Flow"  and if you can afford to support the cause and purchase a copy for your personal use and share it with your friends & family, that would be even better..

Also, Please read and then sign the petition to add the 31st article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The link to sign the petition is provided below.

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FreeFlo is an online social network designed to strengthen the global water activist community, to challenge the privatization of water, and to promote solidarity and water justice for all.

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Sign the petition to add a 31st article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishing access to clean water as a fundamental human right.

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Here are other Partners where you can take action:


There's more on the way!

This is just the start of what we hope will be a great resource to get involved in the struggle to preserve the planets' water for everyone. Know a great resource? Let us know- writeus@flowthefilm.com




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