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“There is no such thing as bad weather - 
it’s inappropriate gear”

Quote from a member of the Tlinglet tribe 
– Alaska, July 2000

She didn’t mention the National Weather Service, 
so we will:

 Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs  (P.F.S.C.) 
They provide a statewide, united voice for the concerns of all sportsmen 
and conservationists. Their legislative reports are amazingly accurate 
and up-to-date.  The essence of Sportsmanship.


 Trout Unlimited (T.U.)
Preserving and restoring Trout and Salmon fisheries 
for 45 years, the members of TU are bulldogs in their mission of protecting our streams.     If you’re an angler, you should join your local chapter.


 The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (P.F.B.)
The PFB  has represented rural families in Pennsylvania for many
years. Representing 63 of the 67 counties, they can keep you 
up-to-date on “Ag Facts & Stats” as well as  Legislation important
to landowners.

 Keystone Trails Association (K.T.A.)
The voice of Pennsylvania’s hiking community. They provide 
over 34,000 hours/year of volunteer work on our public 
Active in protecting Pennsylvania’s footpath since 1956, this 
is an organization worth joining and supporting. They have 
an amazing supply of accurate and up-t-date maps and guides, so you “stay found” 
out there.    

 Pennsylvania Forestry Association (P.F.A.) 
They have been representing Tree Farmers and Landowners 
since 1886.  They are the leaders in sound forest management 
and education. 
Find them at  
 Robert Myers - Research
A clear explanation of the dangers involved in hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus gas play. Read it closely - and learn. 
  Republicans for Environmental Protection ( R.E.P) 
If you see a Green Elephant, that's a sign that REP is in your neighborhood.  They are a sincere, dedicated group; check out their National site & read a few of Jim DiPeso's comments.    Sandy Moser is President of the PA chapter.
The local chapter is at

  Clean Water Action / Campaign for Clean Water
This amazing group represents the many watershed organizations in the state.  Since taxpayers are still on the hook for cleanup of Acid Mine Drainage from our coal industry, we want to make sure that we have learned from our past mistakes. One current concern: The millions of gallons of "flowback frackwater" used to crack the rock deep in the Marcellus Formation.   
Check them out:  


Penn Future  (Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future)
Whether it’s Harrisburg legislation, Testimony on key issues 
or keeping you up-to-date via e-mail  (think “Session Daze”)
this outfit is quick to respond on matters of Energy, the Economy and the Environment.

 Game Commission (P.G.C.)
Protecting Pennsylvania critters and their habitat since 
1895, the WCO’s (“Game Wardens” if you’re over 60) 
ensure that we play nice out there.   
Do your part – report any poachers or anyone using
illegal bait.  Remember, sportsmanship is “how you act 
when nobody’s watching.”

NOTE:  If you are a hiker or birdwatcher (or use State 
Game Lands for any reason) , you should 
support PGC 
by buying a Hunting License
.  You can’t use it for hunting 
unless you take the Hunter Safety Course, but it shows 
that you support them in their mission of caring for all 
the critters.  Walk into K-Mart this week & buy one.
Wear it on our SGLs and also when you’re hiking or 
birding in Arizona. 

  Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (P.F.B.C.)
They not only care for the waterways, they have charge 
of the cold-blooded critters, too - anything from Efts to 
Timber Rattlesnakes.  Always in a friendly competition 
with PGC, the Waterways Patrolmen (WWPs) will tell you 
where the big ones are.
 Show your support by buying a 

Pennsylvania Council of Churches
Advocacy Director, Rev. Sandra Strauss, leads the way 
in caring for what God has created.
  A wonderful mission.

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