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There are so many talented people out there with great intentions and strong work ethics and we all just need to find them, interconnect with them and then add out own unique "value add" .

Enjoy!  But after that, remember to actually DO SOMETHING positive...



The Story of Electronics

Watch The Story of, and learn about the electronics industry’s “design for the dump” mentality. Join us in championing product take back to spur companies to make less toxic, more easily recyclable and longer lasting products. And definitely don't for get to visit theWhat You Can Do page and take action!


LOOP SCOOPS from Annie Leonard, WGBH, and PBS!


LOOP SCOOPS are short, funny videos to get kids thinking about the stuff in their lives and what this stuff can do to the environment. Each SCOOP tells the story of something kids use or see everyday — a juice box, a magazine, an electronic gadget, a glass of juice, a pile of garbage. Our goal is to get kids thinking in new ways and asking new questions, like: What is this made of? Where did it come from? Who made it? What happens when I throw it away?


High School Curriculum now available!

Announcing the release of Buy, Use, Toss? A Closer Look at the Things We Buy. Made by our friends atFacing the Future, Buy, Use, Toss is a Story of Stuff-inspired high school-level curriculum with ten fully-planned lessons. Each lesson meets national science and social studies standards and leads students through an exploration of the five stages of the materials economy. 

Designed and pilot tested by educators across the US, Buy, Use, Toss will help students critically analyze the sustainability of the system and determine how consumption can benefit people, communities and the environment. 

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